Experiences to gain while in Kochi

India is the land of diversity in unity. Each part of the country has its own uniqueness to amaze the tourists, whether they are from this country or from abroad. Kochi is a small island on the shore of the Arabian Sea which is in India but has a little Portuguese within it. The culture and tradition of this coastal town follow the Portuguese lifestyle till data as it was their colony for long. The biggest port city of Kerala will present surprises over surprises when you are here.

Take cheap flights from Dubai to Kochi or from any part of the world to enjoy the swaying coconut groves, the crystal clear sky, and the exotic beaches. There are lots of other things that you can do while you are in Kochi. Have a look-

  • Visit Pardesi Synagogue

Kochi has been invaded by different foreign countries, like the Dutch, the Chinese, the Arabs and finally, the British. Therefore, this coastal city has the influence of mixed culture. That you can realize the most once you visit this Pardesi Synagogue. Basically, built in 1662, this synagogue was rebuilt by the Dutch after two years. Therefore, you can watch the Dutch influence in the architecture. Along with that, the Belgian chandeliers and the Chinese-style floor design will mesmerize you. Don’t miss the ornate-gold pulpit here.

  • Go to Sahodaran Ayyappan Museum

If you are visiting a place, experiencing the raw beauty of the place is really amazing. You can get authentic Kerala once you are at this museum. The classical thatched roof of the entire complex and the ambiance around it will take you to any village life of Kerala. Once you are in this museum, you can get to visit the Kothikkallu (border stone of Kochi-Thiruvithamkur), the Chinese Fishing Net and obviously, the life work of Sahodaran Ayyappan.

  • Spend Time at Santa Cruz Basilica

If you are looking for the old and a traditional Cathedral Church in India, this is the place where you can spend a day. You will be mesmerized at the first look of the cathedral as the gothic style of architecture will take your breath. The historical paintings on the wall will talk about the glorious past. You can attend the mass prayer to feel the true feelings of being here.

  • Enjoy the Sunset at Kochi Port Beach

You are in a coastal town and not enjoying the beach is not done. The soft sandy beach and the swaying coconut tree will present you the best evenings. You can also take sun-bath during the daytime. With family or friends, this beach is really awesome.

So, here are the top 4 places you can visit or do while you are in Kochi. Apart from these places, you can also visit Ernakulam Mahadeva Temple, Indo-Portuguese Museum and so on. Kochi will present you a taste of Portuguese flavor with lots of Indian touches. Plan a visit to Kochi at this coming vacation.

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